Thursday, 4 July 2013

Zuhair Murad, 2013 Fall Couture - 04/07/13

Known for his beautifully executed and elegant designs, Zuhair Murad's new couture collection once again did not disappoint, being exactly where it was expected to be in terms of exquisiteness. The runway was embraced with 45 different looks, in which Murad captured the essence of femininity sans effort. The graceful and detailed evening wear collection was simply captivating, carrying the spectators into wonderland of luster and glistening sparkle. The pieces varied from deep shades of mauve, blue and green to the more subtle worlds of nudes and black. The designs danced alluringly with their immaculately tailored lace bodices or soft draping. The allure of the pieces embodied a luxury like none other, and Murad's combination of structured lines with the softer, vein-like patterns were most definitely tantalizing. From short dresses to evening gowns and even to a lace covered bodysuit and a finishing wedding gown, Zuhair Murad envisaged an extremely exquisite and chic line. The elegance and class of his collection was without a doubt, indicating that Murad shows no signs of slowing down in his beautiful representations of style.

Top 2 Looks

The looks I selected as my Top 2 were both quite bold pieces. The 11th and 26th looks simply embraced the classic feel of quality evening wear with a unique twist. The combination of the basics with the unusual is what truly caught my attention with these pieces.

Murad's 11th look topped my list. The flowing skirt overlay is absolutely stunning in combination with the lace long sleeve. It simply exudes luxury and elegance, which is why I find this dark piece to be so alluring.

The 26th look was simply breathtaking; there is no other way to describe this single-sleeved blue gown. The embroidered vines and the illusion of its asymmetrical bodice through the folds in the chiffon make this dress truly one-of-a-kind. 

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Viktor & Rolf, 2013 Fall Couture - 03/07/13

Despite their 13 year absence from the couture runway, Viktor and Rolf once again managed to captivate the audiences with their minimalistic yet intricate designs. The fascinatingly austere collection was composed of 20 different looks, each used to commemorate the designers 20 years in the fashion industry. Each look was detailed with simple black strappy sandals, and the models were classically done up with slightly messy buns and light, airy makeup. It was evident by the simplicity of the accessorizing that the focus was to be placed on the garments, which were nevertheless captivating.  All 20 garments were intricately tailored, the soft fabric neatly structured in combination with fluid, flowing pieces. The designs were nothing short of Viktor & Rolfs usually perfect creations, and most definitely met up to my high expectations. Their work never ceases to amaze, and although being quite simple in comparison to some of their previous shows, this fall 2013 collection is an indicator that the dynamic duo remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of couture.

Top 2 Looks

Selecting only two of the collections looks for my Top 2 proved to be much harder a feat than I'd imagined. However, there was something absolutely eye-catching about the fourth and ninth looks.

This fourth look, a collared high-low dress, definitely caught my attention with its cape-like feel and its wearability. I can definitely see this shape and design hitting the streets of Milan or Paris in the near future.

The ninth look from the collection is a floor length dress with a jewel neckline and a zipper embellished slit at the front. The natural, illusory draping of the dress is what initially attracted me to this piece. I can see this couture gown being worn by some of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet this upcoming season. 
(Images from in an article written by Nicole Phelps)